House Rules

To maintain a harmonious home, Heidelmann has some established House Rules.


  1. After 11:00 pm. there shall be “quiet time” wherein all members and guests will show consideration and will avoid disturbing others. The caretaker may designate a “responsible” member to lock up, turn off lights, and generally ready the lodge for closing for the night.
  2. Members and accompanied guests may use the members’ room. Before closing the room for the night, those using the room are responsible to:
    • clean and restore the room to order
    • keep the fireplace screened at all times
    • securely lock all windows
  3. A member or guest who leaves the lodge expecting to return after 11:00 pm must obtain the combination for the front door from the caretaker before leaving.
  4. Anyone arriving after 11:00 pm should be quiet as possible and use only a flashlight. The shaded dormitory lights should only be used when absolutely necessary and must be turned off before retiring.
  5. SMOKING is NOT permitted in the lodge.
  6. The music system is to be used at the discretion of the caretaker or an appropriate member.
  7. Upon request of the caretaker or by a Heidelmann Lodge Committee (HLC) member, members and their guests shall assist in the cleaning and/or maintenance of the lodge.
  8. It is the responsibility of members to familiarize their guest(s) with the House Rules. Parents are advised to instruct their children to follow the House Rules and to obey the caretaker.
  9. Any member or guest who willfully violates the House Rules may be subject to disciplinary action by HLC.


  1. Any nighttime showers by members or guests must be taken before 10:00 pm.
  2. Bathing of young children must be done under parental supervision.
  3. Members and guests must be quiet at the dormitory level before 9:00 am and after 9:00 pm.
  4. Personal belongings must not be spread on adjoining areas or other beds.
  5. Members and guests are not permitted to use alarm clocks or cell phones in the dorms.
  6. Radios and all other listening devices may only be played while wearing headphones.

Sickroom Policy

Priority goes to: Members with youngest child under 4 years old or sick individuals.