The Capital Fund

“Raise the Roof”

A Personal Appeal to Our Fellow Members in the Branches

Once in a while, the time comes when a special appeal to our members is necessary, such a condition has arisen with regards to our Sierra Mountain Home – The Heidelmann Lodge.

A new, Hi-Tech, insulated roof is needed.  Believe it or not, the existing south roof is the original roof from 1948.  Yes, our forbearers were excellent “hanwerkers” who built an amazing lodge for us to enjoy and preserve for future generations.

Imagine, if you will, how our forbearers, who were working class Immigrants, built the original Sierra House in 1930.  What a beautiful location they chose. Together and with great effort they expanded it in 1940.  Imagine the heartbreak when in 1943 it burned to the ground.  Naturally, during the war years there were other priorities but in 1947 funds were raised for a bigger and better mountain home.

A bulletin from 1947 read: “This house will be a source of unlimited pride to Nature Friends of all lands, but especially to its builders, the members of the Western District.  We all realize that it will be an incomparable inspiration and stimulus for wholesome and healthy activity to young and old alike.”  Those words and vision became our reality.

The new roof is long overdue and we must raise $500K to commence work by summer 2019.  During the coming months we will keep you abreast of not only the fund raising efforts but also the engineering and planning.

You can rest assured that the new roof will not compromise the aesthetics but will increase our comfort and the lodges efficiency.

It should also be noted that your donation will go directly to this important capital project. Much thought and planning by the Nature Friends Corporation Board of Directors and the Heidelmann Lodge Committee has gone into receiving and disbursing funds. A bank account has been set up to receive your donations.

Donate Here.

While this goal is large, keep in mind that in 1947 an equivalent amount of money (adjusted for inflation) was raised to build the entire lodge.  Also keep in mind that if every man woman and child gave $500 we would meet our goal.  Obviously not every member will be able to donate, so those that can give more are gratefully encouraged to do so.

Our mountain home stands majestically on one of the most beautiful sites in the Sierras.  She truly is “a source of….pride” to her members.  She has silently born the heavy weight of the Sierra Snow and hosted countless Chicken Dances.  She waits to receive you, your friends and families 365 days a year….and now she needs our help.

Thank you and Berg Frei!