Guest Guidelines

Sponsors are responsible for their guests. As a member, you are responsible for informing your guest(s) about Lodge rules, the dorms, parking, food storage.

Each member can sponsor 7 guests if they stay with them, or 3 if they sign guest passes. The sponsor must accompany a guest the first time.


There are two large single gender dorms, with showers and restrooms on the second floor. The first floor offers a large living room with a piano and a wood burning stove, a large dining room-kitchen, a small library-video room and a warming room. The large basement has a cold storage room, with refrigerators and a large freezer. There are cubby for storing dry food items. Lockers are for members only. Accommodations are on a first-come, first-served basis. Some weekends are members only. You must bring your own sleeping bag, pillow cases and toiletry.


You are on your own. You have to bring your food and drinks and cook for yourself. Everyone has to share the kitchen and dining room space. A gigantic stove is on from 7 am to 9 pm. Everyone is expected to clean up after themselves. Please do not leave your dishes to drip dry.


During your stay, there are no house chores, but you are expected to clean up behind you and help the caretaker, if help is needed.


During Summer, members’ dogs only are allowed outside the building and on leash.

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