Lodge Status & Reservations

Heating: The boiler is currently down!

March 5, 2023

The main heading system for the lodge, the boiler, is currently not working. The lodge is being heated with the wood stove and kitchen stove. Please be advised that until the boiler is fixed, the lodge will be colder than usual. Please be prepared! Bring warm clothes and extra blankets; whatever you need to keep yourself warm. We expect it to be fixed by Friday, March 10 at the earliest. If you have any questions, please reach out to [email protected].

Health & Safety

Proof of vaccination is not currently required, however, if you are experiencing COVID,  flu-like symptoms, or symptoms of any other illness, DO NOT COME. If you are already at the lodge and are experiencing flu-like symptoms and/or loss of taste and smell, you must depart the lodge as soon as practical. 


For reservations, please contact Nancy: [email protected] All reservations will be added to the calendar.

Berg frei!